Raised Garden Beds

Made to last, made for you - Growboxx raised garden beds.

Growing fresh vegetables and flowers in your own backyard has become one of the most popular family activities for many Canadians, and raised bed gardening from Growboxx are the way to go for guaranteed success.

GrowBoxx Raised Garden Beds are made in Chilliwack, BC and allow for improved soil quality, increased drainage, fewer pests, reduced weeding, and higher yields.

Designed to deliver true Canadian value, Growboxx raised garden beds are built to last and come with a 20 year ownership warranty.

Raised garden beds are an investment in the health and well-being of your family, and with everything we've endured over the last few years, we all need to consider what happens if there's a next time.

Whether it's the prospect of food insecurity that's moving you to action, or the steady increases of your grocery bill at the end of the month, being better prepared is a smart thing to do.

Maybe you simply want to connect with Mother Earth, get your hands dirty, and grow some amazingly fresh, nutritious, and delicious food in your own backyard?

Whatever the reasons, Growboxx raised garden beds will elevate your gardening game!

Say Goodbye to...
  • Flimsy corrugated metal beds
  • Rotting wooden garden beds
  • Cheap plastic beds
  • Limited food variety
  • Increasing food prices
  • Back pain & sore knees
Say Hello to...
  • Enjoying Gardening (again?)
  • Reduced watering & weeds
  • Increased food variety
  • Reduced Pests and disease
  • Beds that won't bow, bend, or break
  • Beds that will last for 20+ years

What are Raised Garden Beds?

Raised garden beds are above-grade containers used to grow plants, vegetables, and flowers. They can be made of various materials, including wood, metal, and plastic. Unfortunately, many consumer quality raised beds are susceptible to bending, bowing, rotting, and cracking.

GrowBoxx raised beds, although priced for the consumer market, are made with industrial quality, nearly indestructible, galvanized steel that has none of these quality or longevity flaws.

With the planting surface above the ground, your garden benefits in a variety of ways. One of the most significant benefits of using raised garden beds is the improved soil quality you can achieve.

The soil in raised garden beds is often of much higher quality than in traditional garden beds. This is because raised garden beds allow gardeners to control the soil composition, adding high-quality compost and other nutrients that plants need to thrive.

Because GrowBoxx planters are made with industrial quality galvanized metal, things like fertilizers and pesticides (natural or chemical), water, temperature fluctuations, etc. have no effect on the integrity of our garden beds.

Our beds are so strong that even our 4' x 16' long beds that are 26.5" tall do not require any internal structural support. They are so strong, you can even turn them on their side and stand on them, and they do NOT bow.

Nothing worse than digging into a competitor's garden bed, hitting a support strut, and having it bend, only to have it end up rusting out over time.

4'x4' Metal Raised Garden Bed
Growboxx Classic 4'x4' - Black Trim
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