About Growboxx

Built by our family, for yours.

In a world cluttered with questionable garden advice and cheap raised bed options, Growboxx aims to be the obvious choice for your next raised garden bed investment.

After several years of building top-quality raised garden beds that have continually been praised for providing the best combination of rigidity, style, and value, we are expanding from the word-of-mouth marketing that has built a cult following and is now moving online so more people can have the opportunity to buy our products.

We come from humble beginnings where craftsmanship and quality have consistently held the utmost importance for the Growboxx team. The material foundation for our raised garden beds is 1mm thick (20 gauge) galvanized metal wall panels. While the style of Growboxx garden boxes have been copied by other local manufacturers, the thickness of a Growboxx bed is second to none.

Growbox Raised Garden Beds use a structural, industrial-grade metal, not repurposed thin gauge metal cladding, better suited for a tool shed roof.

Gardening is an investment in time and energy, and setting up your garden is a serious process that must be done right if you want to see a bountiful harvest. Once you're set up and running, you don't want to worry about rebuilding or replacing your raised beds 4 to 5 years into the future. Unfortunately, with many of the competitive raised bed solutions available, they suffer from real-world operational challenges.

Other metal-based gardening bed solutions use materials that are thin and light to reduce transportation and shipping costs from overseas factories. These often bend from having the sides bow outwards due to saturated soil pressure. The thin material is easily dented or punctured with sharp garden tools. The provided internal support struts then take up valuable planting space within the bed itself. Size is limited by various factors, which means you need to buy more product than you actually need or conform to specific sizes that may or may not fit your available space.

Wooden garden beds are fully customizable, which is excellent. However, even when using quality red or yellow cedar, they still suffer from relatively short-term rot, especially along the bottom where they intersect with the ground and water seeps between boards into screw holes.

Growboxx raised garden beds are built to stand the test of time, they are virtually bulletproof, and because of their exceptional quality and customizability, they can also add long-term value to your property.

Buying from Growboxx means you're supporting a small, family-run business located in the heart of BC's Fraser Valley farming community - Chilliwack, BC. The same Chilliwack devastated by the floods of 2021.

We are part of the old-school farming community, and we know how to grow food that is healthy, nutritious, and tastes great when it comes directly from your garden. We want that same experience to be enjoyed by your family as well.  Our small team is excited and proud to supply the Fraser Valley and the rest of BC with a product that has exceedingly been well received by hundreds of local families, just like yours.

Buying locally doesn't just help us out; it means you're ensuring that the money you spend does more for BC, which helps us all. We use local suppliers for the raised bed materials; we use local companies for our packing materials and tools; we use a local marketing agency to spread the word; we use local community gardeners to build our community; we use small local delivery services to handle our shipping. We do what we can to ensure the local community gets as much of our business as possible.

Buying a garden bed from a big box store or another provider online often means your money is helping a massive corporation located south of the border or ever increasingly in a massive factory overseas with a less than stellar environmental track record. Our raised garden beds are made locally, one at a time, for a fair price, by us. It's about as close to you doing it yourself as possible.

We'd like to thank you for your time and consideration. We hope you become part of the Growboxx raised bed gardening community and encourage you not to hesitate to contact us with any questions!

Thank you,

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