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Classic RAised Garden Beds

The Garden Bed that Started it All

Note: Our beds are only shipped within BC. If you want them shipped elsewhere you'll have to arrange your own.

Introducing the Classic Raised Garden Bed by GrowBoxx – the perfect solution for your gardening needs. Our pre-built product line is designed to make gardening a breeze, offering convenience, durability, and versatility.

Available in three sizes, with widths of 2, 3, or 4 feet, and lengths of up to an impressive 16 feet, our Classic Raised Garden Beds provide ample space for your plants, vegetables, and flowers to thrive.

Constructed with industrial-quality galvanized steel, these beds are built to last. Unlike many consumer-grade alternatives, our raised beds are resistant to bending, bowing, rotting, and cracking, ensuring their longevity and eliminating common flaws.

Choose from two elegant trim options – black or brown – to complement your garden's aesthetic and seamlessly blend with your outdoor space. With our pre-built design, your Classic Raised Garden Bed is conveniently delivered already assembled, saving you time and effort.

One of the key advantages of using raised garden beds is the ability to improve soil quality. With the planting surface elevated above the ground, you have greater control over the soil composition. You can easily add high-quality compost and other essential nutrients, providing optimal conditions for your plants to thrive.

Thanks to the industrial-quality galvanized metal used in our GrowBoxx planters, external factors such as fertilizers, pesticides (natural or chemical), water, and temperature fluctuations have no detrimental effect on the integrity of our garden beds.

Our beds are exceptionally sturdy; even our largest size, the 4' x 16' long bed standing 26.5 inches, requires no internal structural support. They maintain strength and do not bow, ensuring a reliable and durable gardening solution.

Say goodbye to the frustration of competitors' garden beds with weak support struts that bend or rust over time. With the Classic Raised Garden Bed by GrowBoxx, you can have peace of mind knowing you have chosen a premium, long-lasting product for your gardening endeavours.

wdt_ID Bed Style Size Trim Price
1 Classic 2x2 Black | Brown $163
2 Classic 2x4 Black | Brown $216
3 Classic 2x6 Black | Brown $269
4 Classic 2x8 Black | Brown $322
5 Classic 2x10 Black | Brown $375
6 Classic 2x12 Black | Brown $428
7 Classic 2x14 Black | Brown $481
8 Classic 2x16 Black | Brown $535
9 Classic 3x3 Black | Brown $216
10 Classic 3x4 Black | Brown $243
11 Classic 3x6 Black | Brown $296
12 Classic 3x8 Black | Brown $349
13 Classic 3x10 Black | Brown $402
14 Classic 3x12 Black | Brown $455
15 Classic 3x14 Black | Brown $508
16 Classic 3x16 Black | Brown $561
17 Classic 4x4 Black | Brown $269
18 Classic 4x6 Black | Brown $322
19 Classic 4x8 Black | Brown $375
20 Classic 4x10 Black | Brown $428
21 Classic 4x12 Black | Brown $481
22 Classic 4x14 Black | Brown $535
23 Classic 4x16 Black | Brown $588
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Growboxx Raised 4'x4' Bed with Black Trim

Classic 4'x4' Bed in Black

Growboxx Classic Raised Garden Bed - Brown

Classic 4'x4' Bed in Brown

Growboxx Raised Beds

Classic Raised Beds 

Growboxx Kit Beds

New Design - Build it Yourself

Note: Our beds are only shipped within BC. If you want them shipped elsewhere you'll have to arrange your own.

Introducing our revolutionary raised garden bed kits, designed to elevate your gardening experience. These versatile kits are available in three convenient sizes: 2, 3, or 4 feet wide, starting with a 4-foot length and increasing to an impressive 16 feet.

Our Growboxx Kit product line arrives disassembled and ready for easy on-site assembly. Each kit comes in a sleek, galvanized trim option, adding a touch of modern elegance to your garden space.

Say goodbye to the common issues faced with traditional consumer-grade raised beds. Our GrowBoxx raised beds are built with exceptional industrial quality, using galvanized steel that is virtually indestructible. Forget about concerns over bending, bowing, rotting, or cracking – our raised beds stand firm against these flaws, ensuring long-lasting durability.

By elevating your plants and flowers above the ground, our raised garden beds provide numerous benefits. One of the most significant advantages is the ability to improve the quality of your soil. Unlike traditional garden beds, our raised beds allow for precise control over the soil composition. You can easily incorporate high-quality compost and essential nutrients, providing an optimal environment for your plants to thrive.

With our industrial-quality galvanized metal construction, our GrowBoxx planters are impervious to external factors such as fertilizers, pesticides (natural or chemical), water, and temperature fluctuations. Your garden bed remains intact, maintaining its structural integrity over time.

Our beds are engineered to be exceptionally sturdy, eliminating the need for internal structural supports even in our largest size – the impressive 4' x 16' long bed, standing 26.5" high. You can trust in the strength of our beds, which are capable of withstanding significant weight and pressure. In fact, you can even turn them on their side and stand on them confidently – they will not bow or yield.

Gone are the days of frustration when encountering a competitor's garden bed, only to discover weak support struts that bend and eventually rust over time. With our GrowBoxx raised garden beds, you can garden with confidence, knowing that our superior construction will withstand the test of time.

wdt_ID Bed Style Size Trim Price
1 Kit 2x2 Galvanized $168.00
2 Kit 2x4 Galvanized $213.00
3 Kit 2x6 Galvanized $257.00
4 Kit 2x8 Galvanized $301.00
5 Kit 2x10 Galvanized $346.00
6 Kit 2x12 Galvanized $390.00
7 Kit 2x14 Galvanized $434.00
8 Kit 2x16 Galvanized $479.00
9 Kit 3x3 Galvanized $213.00
10 Kit 3x4 Galvanized $235.00
11 Kit 3x6 Galvanized $279.00
12 Kit 3x8 Galvanized $323.00
13 Kit 3x10 Galvanized $368.00
14 Kit 3x12 Galvanized $412.00
15 Kit 3x14 Galvanized $456.00
16 Kit 3x16 Galvanized $501.00
17 Kit 4x4 Galvanized $257.00
18 Kit 4x6 Galvanized $301.00
19 Kit 4x8 Galvanized $346.00
20 Kit 4x10 Galvanized $390.00
21 Kit 4x12 Galvanized $434.00
22 Kit 4x14 Galvanized $479.00
23 Kit 4x16 Galvanized $523.00
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Growboxx KIt - Corner Detail

KIt Bed - Corner Cap


Kit Bed - Edge Detail


Growboxx Kit Raised Beds